About us

We are a small family business working directly with farmers and producers in Brazil to bring their specialty coffee to roasters in the UK, Europe and beyond.

Our story

GE Coffees was founded in London in 2017 with the aim of connecting growers and roasters in a common language of quality and mutual benefit of green coffee. Our mission is to provide specialty coffee trading services to benefit the global coffee community. This means our focus and energy are directed toward the quality of specialty coffee.                                    





All of our coffee beans come from sources that have been verified as sustainable. which means that the coffee is certified or sourced from sustainable farmers.  We can trace our coffee all the way back to the individual farms.
We have a constant focus on the traceability of our coffee. Knowing where our beans come from is essential to become part of a more sustainable environment.


In the origin country, the bean's journey may involve many different means of transport; the coffee beans travel by lorry and sea to the GE warehouse, where it's stored and ready to be shipped to our customers upon request.